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Energy efficiency in traditional buildings

Energy efficiency in traditional buildings

ISBN :978-1-4064-2444-7
Author :Series Editor: Jacqui Donnelly
Subjects :Building Conservation
Publication Details :2010
Publisher :( Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht )
Price: €10.00

The Advice Series is a series of illustrated booklets published by the
Architectural Heritage Advisory Unit of the Department of the
Environment, Heritage and Local Government. The booklets are
designed to guide those responsible for historic buildings on how
best to repair and maintain their properties.

Traditionally built buildings perform differently from modern
construction in the way they deal with damp and atmospheric
moisture, and misguided works aimed at improving their thermal
efficiency can have damaging consequences. This guide will help
you to make the right decisions on how to increase the comfort and
reduce the energy use of your historic building by giving advice on:
Understanding how a traditionally built building works and how
to maximise the levels of comfort for its occupants
Choosing the most effective and cost-effective options for
improving energy efficiency
Avoiding damage to the building by inappropriate works
Keeping a historic building in good health

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